Preconfiguration "Data variable control by weekly scheduler with a one-day graphical timetable."

This preconfiguration can be activated when creating a new object (e.g. by "New object ..." in the local object menu or by pressing the Insert key after selecting the object) and is included in the group: "/ Technology / Schedulers".

- The preconfiguration creates an object of the PmaFolder type. The main object name is preconfigured to "Schedule".
- The preconfiguration is created including the panel (object of the PmaPanel type) is functional also as Web panel.

Preconfiguration PmaFolder with default objects PmaPanel, PmaTimer and PmaData allows in two programs to set and save a schedule into the file. This ensures that the value of the State variable is set every day of the week at the scheduled time interval, in the PmaData object to true or false.

In the panel (ScheduleWeek) there are objects PmgButton, PmgWCombo and two PmgWTables. The first table represents the daily time schedule within one week divided into half-hour intervals.

In the onPanelStartEnd event the "LoadData" method is called which has the number of the valid current program found in the parameter by the GetProgram method. The "LoadData" method then loads and processes the stored values into the first table in graphic form and into the second in numeric form.

On the "Events" tab in the onMousePress event there is a script responding to mouseclick inside the viewer area depending on the status of the PmgRadioButton object.
The script allows:
in 1 state, to move the closest point in Y-axis.

The PmaData object has two variables. The Schedule variable is of the String type and contains a copy of the schedule stored in the Schedule.json file. The State variable is of the Boolean type and its value is set according to the current schedule.

The PmaTimer object in the "SetState" method provides the setting of the State variable according to the schedule.
These configurators can be set before the preconfiguration is created:
The name of created objectName of the object created in the Pma objects tree. The maximum name length is 30 characters. This is a system name, so it must contain only alphanumeric and must not contain any diacritics (i.e. national dependent characters), empty string, spaces and the first character must not be a number.
Default: "Schedule"
Enable as Web componentSpecifies whether this object has to be registered as a Web server component
After the preconfiguration is created, the "PmaPanel > Web server > Enable as Web component" configurator will be set to this value.
PmaWeb objectPath in the Pma objects tree to the object PmaWeb, PmaWebFolder or PmaWebLang where the registration is carried out.
Macro expression can be used for input (it is evaluated after the application is launched).
After the preconfiguration is created, the "PmaPanel > Web server > PmaWeb object" configurator will be set to this value.

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