SetVarArray - method of the PmaData object

Assignment of values from the values array created by the GetVarArray method to all variables on the "Data" tab of this object.
Boolean SetVarArray(Array aArray)
aArray(Array) 1-dimensional array (PmArray object for JavaScript or Array data type for VBScript) whose values have to be assigned to all variables on the "Data" tab.
The number of items of the array must be equal to the number of variables on the "Data" tab.
Return value:
true - If the assignment passed successfully.
false - If the assignment failed.
The SetVarSubArray method serves to the assignment of the selected variables values on the "Data" tab.
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var arr = Pm.Array1(7, 3.14, 22);
var oData = pMe.Pm("/Data");
// or
var bDone = oData.SetVarArray(arr);   // bDone = true or false
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