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WriteToSocket - method of the PmaData object

Sending data from the server group via Ethernet (TCP/IP) by means of the sockets.
Boolean WriteToSocket()
Return value:
true - The method successfully queued the request for sending data to the server. After data transfer the onEndOfTransfer event is triggered.
false - The method hasn't queued the request for sending data. Probably the previous message about sending/receiving by sockets of this object hasn't been finished yet. The onEndOfTransfer event is not triggered.
This method is not functional for PmFree.

The method only activates the data transfer but there is no assurance that data are already transferred after ending this method. The data transfer termination is announced by the the onEndOfTransfer event.
Calling this method is meaningful only if the "Sockets" tab is configured as Socket client.
Variables on the "Data" tab of this object are sent to the server.
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var oData = pMe.Pm("/Data");
// or
var bDone = oData.WriteToSocket();   // bDone = true or false
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