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MaxH - property of the ExtAlarmAnalog object

Hysteresis value of the upper limits 1 and 2.
Double MaxH
Property access for read and write. The default value of this property is defined in the "Hysteresis for upper limits" configurator of this object.
The hysteresis prevents repeated triggering of the alarm if the value oscilates around the corresponding limit.
There are exactly defined limit values of corresponding Max1 and Max2 that trigger the alarm.
The alarm is triggered once the measured value exceeds the limits Max1 or Max2 by the value of defined hysteresis.
It means the limits for alarms to start are Max1 and Max2, and for alarms to stop are Max1+MaxH and Max2+MaxH.
See also:
Examples for obtaining this property in the script.
JavaScriptVBScriptSelect and copy to clipboard

value = pMe.Pm("/data/#vars/Temperature/#ext/al").MaxH;

// or
value = pMe.Pm("/data/#vars/Temperature").Extension("al").MaxH;

// or
value = pMe.Pm("/data").Item("Temperature").Extension("al").MaxH;
The example for obtaining this property by Macro expression from another data extension via pVar variable.

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