Object PmWorkspace (Workspace)

See: PmWorkspace - Deatiled object description
The PmWorkspace object (application workspace) represents the basic user interface of the application. It consists of the common window (outer frame), in which other parts of the application user interface are displayed (header, toolbars, user graphics, alarms, events, reports). It is used for organising the multiple wievers of the Promotic objects in one window. It is possible to define the appearance of the window (header, borders, monitor, position) and also the inner windows (frames) layout thus creating the application user interface.
This object adopts properties and methods of object PmObject.
Properties and methods:
CloseView Closes opened viewer
GetViewInfo Obtains the information about the viewer in the specified frame.
OpenView Opens viewer of another object
SetActive The method activates the corresponding PmWorkspace
Configuration windows:
Object General information about the object
Content Content of the object in the XML form
Events Definition of object events algorithms
Main Basic configurators of workspace
Frames Workspace frames layout
Permissions Object permissions
Web server The link-up of the object to the Web server
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