GetViewInfo - method of object PmWorkspace

Obtains the information about the viewer in the specified frame..
GetViewInfo(sFrameId As String) As Array
aParams = oWorkspace.GetViewInfo(sFrameId)
sFrameId(String) Frame identifier for acquiring the information about currently open viewer. See the configurator "Identifier" in frame configuration.
Return Values:
The method returns 1-dimensional array of three values of the String type. These three strings represent the values of sObjectPath, sOptions and sParams parameters, used for opening the viewer in current frame using the OpenView method.

If there is no viewer open in current frame, then the method returns three empty strings.

If doesn't exist frame with defined identifier, then the method returns an empty value of the Empty type.

The knowledge of open browser parmeter values sObjectPath, sOptions and sParams allowes to:
1) Find out, which viewer is currently open in specified frame (the value of sObjectPath is most significant).
2) Storing these three values allow to use the OpenView method, for opening the identic viewer later on.
Obtains the information about currently open viewer in the "main" frame.
Dim aInf, sObjectPath, sOptions, sParams
aInf = oWorkspace.GetViewInfo("main")
sObjectPath = aInf(0)
sOptions = aInf(1)
sParams = aInf(2)
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