tvGrid - Deatiled object description

See: the tvGrid object.

The object represents (horizontal or vertical) lines that forms a grid. The viewer contains two objects of the tvGrid type.
- One represents vertical grid lines of the time axis and is accessible by means of the PmgTrendViewer.GridTime property.
- The other represents horizontal grid lines of the value axis and is accessible by means of the PmgTrendViewer.GridValue property.

The number of grid lines and their layout owing to the values is defined in the tvTicks object that is owned by the tvGrid object and is accessible by the tvGrid.Ticks property.

Right, or left time of the time scale are defined by the PmgTrendViewer.TimeMax and PmgTrendViewer.TimeMin properties. Maximum, or minimum value of the value scale are represented by the tvTrend.ValueMax and tvTrend.ValueMin properties of the active tvTrend object (see PmgTrendViewer.TrendActive).

The object is used only if the graphic mode is set.
Sets the properties of the time and value grid
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var oTView = pMe.Items("../TrendView");
var oGridTime = oTView.GridTime;
var oGridValue = oTView.GridValue;

oGridTime.Visible = true;
oGridTime.LineType = 2;
oGridTime.Width = 1;
oGridTime.Color = "#0000ff";  //color setting by RGB String in the form "#RRGGBB"
oGridTime.Ticks.AlignType = 3;  //vertical grid lines alignment to the absolute value
oGridTime.Ticks.AlignValue = 1/4;  //alignment to the value 06:00:00 of the time axis
oGridTime.Ticks.CountType = "count";
oGridTime.Ticks.CountValue = 4;  //number of lines is 4

oGridValue.Visible = true;
oGridValue.LineType = 3;
oGridValue.Width = 1;
oGridValue.Color = "#0000ff";  //color setting by RGB String in the form "#RRGGBB"
oGridValue.Ticks.AlignType = 3;  //vertical grid lines alignment to the absolute value
oGridValue.Ticks.AlignValue = 0;  //alignment to the value 0 of the value axis (Y)
oGridValue.Ticks.CountType = "distancevalue";
oGridValue.Ticks.CountValue = 200;  //distance of two lines is 200 on the value scale
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