WebDir - tab of the PmaWebDir object

On this tab, the parameters for searching the HTML pages on the disk are set. The number of PmaWebDir objects in the application isn't limited; their disk spaces can overlapped.
Web component identifierSpecifies unique identifier of this Web component.
The full URL address to this component is then for example:
TitleDescription of this Web component. This text will be displayed on HTML page listing the Web components.
Macro expression can be used for input ($.text ..) (it is evaluated after the application is launched).
Show in HTML components listIf checked, then the component will be visible in the component list. Displaying such list is done through the Web object registering this component (Web object PmaWeb, PmaWebFolder or PmaWebLang).
If not checked, then the component will not be visible in the list. But it will be accessible through its Web adress. It is useful for system components (e.g. the data offered to another applications), that are not intended to be choosen from Web browsers.
When displaying the component list in the Web browser this option can be supressed by pressing the Shift key and by clicking the list title simultaneously. At this moment the list is reopened displaying all the components (including system components).
Data sourceSpecifies the content source for the Web requested by client.
Disk files in specified folder - The content of requested Web file will be read from the file with identic name located on the disk in selected folder.
Text set into the pEvent.PageString property in the onPageModify event - The content of requested Web file will be set in the script into the pEvent.PageString property in the onPageModify event. In this case, the keywords are not used and the "Keywords" tab has no meaning.
Folder with filesThis configurator is visible only if Data source = Disk files in specified folder.

Path to the folder (and its subfolders) - for example C:\Promotic\Apps\Application1\WebPages. The requested files will be searched in this folder (HTML, XML and other files).
All files in this folder (and all subfolders) will be available via the Web and therefore it is highly recommended not to place any files in this folder that should not be accessible via Web.
It is recommended to use the PROMOTIC path syntax - see PROMOTIC path to files and folders.
The default value is #app:web, i.e. the path to the subfolder web in the application folder.
Keywords use typeThis configurator is visible only if Data source = Disk files in specified folder.

Specifies from where to take keywords for replacing.
It is possible to choose multiple options, but use only the first one because the other options are considered obsolete.
The replacing of keywords is performed only over files with the extension *.htm, *.html and *.xml.
Every occurrence _(xx)_ in the file replace by xx keyword value (default) - The characters "_(" and ")_" in the file serve as flags of the beginning and the end of the keyword.
The object searches for the characters _( when reading the file. For each occurrence of these chars the name of the keyword that begins just after _( and ends just before )_ is found.
Then the whole text including _( and )_ is replaced by the value of the keyword with the specified name defined on the "Keywords" tab.
See example in the description of the object.
(obsolete) Keywords value replace exactly according to keyword name
(obsolete) Use section [PROMOTIC] in files only
(obsolete) Use keywords also in section [PROMOTIC]
(obsolete) If exist, then use section [PROMOTIC], otherwise use keywords
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