GetColWidth - method of the PmfTable object

Reading the table column width.
Long GetColWidth(Long nColArea, Long iCol, Long Type, String Unit)
nColArea(Long) Detecting the area of the table (see Areas in the table).
1 - main area of the table
2 - left area of the table
iCol(Long) Column number
Type(Long) Requested width type:
0 - Current column width
1 - The widest text of all rows
Unit(String) Unit:
em - The value je in HTML units "em". 1em equals to the current font size.
For example if the document font size is 12pt then 1em equals to 12pt (0.5em = 6pt, 2em = 24pt).
px - Width in pixels
Return values:
Returns column width (in the number of characters).
This method is also functional in Web panels.
See also:
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var nColWidth = oTable.GetColWidth(1, 5, 1, "px");

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