onAction - event of the PmfTable object

The event is triggered when an important logical action happens over the object.
ev.SrcObject(Object) Pmf object where the event originated.
ev.Action(String) Action type.
"main" - mouse doubleclick or on release of the "space" or "Enter" key over the table.
ev.Area(Long) The numeric identifier of the table area where the action was executed. See Areas in the table.
ev.Row(Long) Row index of the table where the action was executed.
ev.Col(Long) Column index of the table where the action was executed. If SelType = "row" and the action was initiated by the "space" or "Enter" then ev.Col = -1.
This event is is functional only in JavaScript language.
Creates the PmfTable object (e.g. in the onFormLoad event of the PmgForm object).
The function is registered into the onAction event.
JavaScriptSelect and copy to clipboard

var oForm = pMe.Form;
var oTable = oForm.CreateItem("table", "id_tab1");
oTable.InitRows(5, 1, 1);
oTable.InitCols(6, 1);
//Setting table

oTable.AddEvent("onAction", "tabedit", function(ev) { if (ev.Action == "main") Pm.Debug("Area = " + ev.Area + ", Row =" + ev.Row ); });
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