onAction - event of the PmfButton object

The event is triggered when an important logical action happens over the object.
ev(Object) Reference to an object that describes information about the event
ev.SrcObject(Object) Pmf object where the event originated.
ev.Action(String) Action type.
"main" - On left mouse button or "space" or "Enter" keys are released
This event is is functional only in JavaScript language.
Creates the PmfButton object (e.g. in the onFormLoad event of the PmgForm object).
The function is registered into the onAction event.
JavaScriptSelect and copy to clipboard

function onButtonUp(ev)
if (ev.Action == "main")
Pm.Debug("Click UP");
// . . .

var oForm = pMe.Form;
var oBtn = oForm.CreateItem("button", "id_butt1");
oBtn.Value = "Button";
oBtn.AddEvent("onAction", "id_butt1", onButtonUp);
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