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Preconfigurations in group "Report (PmaReport)"

This preconfiguration list is opened when creating a new object (e.g. by "New object ..." in the context menu of the object or by pressing the Insert key after selecting the object).

The PmaReport object preconfiguration allows to create an object, that is configured for specific functionality and is active only for PmaFolder object menu and PmaRoot.
The preconfiguration creates an object of the PmaReport type. The object is connected in the "Source file of the report template" configurator to one of the template files located in the PROMOTIC system in the \Promotic\PmVXXYY\Resource\Report folder.
There is a script in the onReportRequest event. It solves the connection to a data source designed for table view and displays the data by using the template file.
PROMOTIC 9.0.28 SCADA system documentation MICROSYS, spol. s r.o.

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