Refresh - method of the PmaOpcDaClientGroup object

Reading all values of the data group (defined on the "Data" tab) from the OPC server.
Boolean Refresh(Long Attr)
Attr(Long) the way of the transfer: (see OPC DA Basic terms)
0 - Data from the CACHE
1 - Data from the DEVICE
Return values:
true - on success
false - on error
The method always reads all data. If it is requested to read only the specific data (into the "Data" tab), then the Read method can be used. The Refresh method is the asynchronous operation (see OPC DA Basic terms).

The Refresh method needn't be called if the "Refresh from server at server change" configurator is checked (on the "Parameters" tab) because the data are then "read" automatically.
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var oOpcGroup = pMe.Pm("/OpcClient/Group1");
if (oOpcGroup.Refresh(0))
// ...
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