Update - property of the PmaOpcDaClientGroup object

Enable/disable the automatic data update.
Boolean Update
Property access for read and write. The default value of this property is defined in the "Refresh from server at server change" configurator of this object.
Tha data group of the OPC client (the PmaOpcDaClientGroup object) that has this property set to true, requires the ongoing update of all its data from the OPC server. The server sends the value to such client automatically at a change of the value on the server.
Because the update of the requested data could pass uncertainly very fast, the parameters for the update can be specified - see UpdateRate property and Deadband property.
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var oOpcGroup = pMe.Pm("/OpcClient/Group1");
var bUpdate = oOpcGroup.Update;   // Reading from the property
oOpcGroup.Update = true;   // Writing into the property
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