Column context menu

This menu is opened on the "Data" tab after pressing the right mouse button over the column name in the header area of the variable list table.

Menu items:
- Hide column: Hides the selected column of the variable list table. All columns of the table can be hidden, except the column displaying the variable names. After hiding a column, it automatically sets the configuration of columns to the system configuration $current.
- Split column ...: Opens the "Split column" configuration window, in which can be selected the sub-columns into which the original column will be split. You can split a column that displays all data extensions into subcolumns that display individual data extensions of the same type with the same identifier. You can also split the column showing a particular data extension into subcolumns showing the individual properties of data extension. The other columns cannot be split. After the column is split, the configuration columns are automatically set to the system configuration $current.
- Show the default columns: Displays the default columns of the variable list table. The configuration of columns is automatically set to the system configuration $default.
- Configuration of columns ...: Opens the "Configuration of columns" configuration window, in which you can select, add, delete or edit the configuration of columns. When the desired configuration is selected, the columns defined in the column list of the given configuration are displayed in the table of variables.

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