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SetLockingMode - method of the PmaDatabase object

Sets the row locking mode
Empty SetLockingMode(Boolean bPessimist)
bPessimist(Boolean) Lock type
true - The 2K part of the table with the edited/added line is locked already during Edit, Add and unlocked during Update.
false - The part of the table with the edited/added line is locked only in the moment of calling the Update method.
Sets the indication whether the 2KB part of the table containing the edit line is locked when editing a row or adding a new row (methods Edit, Add) even when calling the Edit method (eventually the Add method). It is unlocked again by calling the Update method (eventually the CancelUpdate method).
The locking means that nobody else (other PmaDatabase object, other application) cannot modify the locked part of the table in the locking time.
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