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CreateIndex - method of the PmaDatabase object

Creates the index over the column of the database table.
Boolean CreateIndex(String sName, String sField, Boolean bDesc, Boolean bPrima, Boolean bUnique, Boolean bIgnoreNulls, Boolean bRequiered)
sName(String) Index name
sField(String) Column name over which the index is defined.
bDesc(Boolean) Sort type:
true - from Z to A
false - from A to Z
bPrima(Boolean) Index is defined as the primary key
bUnique(Boolean) Duplicate values are not allowed in the "sField" column
bIgnoreNulls(Boolean) In the created index the records that have set the Null value, will be excluded.
bRequiered(Boolean) Values <Null> are not allowed in the "sField" column (the value must be always set up)
By repeating the method more indexed files can be created.
This method is not functional if the "Technology" configurator is set to Access through ODBC.
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var bCreateIndex = oDb.CreateIndex("PK_date", "datecol", 0, 1, 1, 1, 1);
See the example in the description of the Create method
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