FindNext - method of the PmaDatabase object

Search for the string in the table from the current position forward.
Long FindNext(String sFilter)
sFilter(String) Text string in the SQL language syntax statement WHERE that defines the condition for searching
If the search is successful, the method returns an index of the found record and the pointer (of the current position) is set to this record, otherwise it returns the value -1 and the current position remains unchanged.
This method is not functional if the "Technology" configurator is set to Access through ODBC.
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// Search for the John Saruman value in the column of the String type named "Customer"
n = oDb.FindNext("Customer = 'John Saruman'");

// Search for the numeric item
n = oDb.FindNext("Price > 10000");

// Search for the time item. The time is set: - #month day year hour:minute:second#
n = oDb.FindNext("Time > #10 24 2023 12:10:37#");
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