GetReady - method of the PmaCommMsg object

Detects whether the PmaCommMsg object is ready to transfer the message.
Boolean GetReady()
Return value:
true - Object is ready to transfer the message (the Run method can be called)
false - Object is not ready to transfer the message (the message from the previous calling the Run method is still transferring)
The PmaCommMsg object gets in the transfer data state by the Run method.
During the transfer the Run method cannot be re-called over the object and the GetReady method then returns the false value.
After the transfer (i.e. after the onEndOfTransfer event is triggered) the Run method can be called again and the GetReady method returns the true value.

This method is functional only if the message is of the Master type (i.e. if the "Message type" configurator is set to "Master").
See also:
- PmaCommMsg.Run (method)
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var oCommMsg = pMe.Pm("/Comm/mr");
if (oCommMsg.GetReady())
Pm.Debug("PmaCommMsg is not ready (the previous message is being transmitted)");
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