Setting the parameters of the Ethernet-server - configuration window

The Ethernet-server communication parameters executed by the PmaComm object can be defined in this window.
This configuration window can be opened from the "Basic communication parameters" configurator, if the communication protocol is designated for Ethernet-server. It means communication driver: PmCharServer.
TCP/UDP port numberEthernet port number for communication.
Ethernet transfer typeDeatiled Ethernet protocol type specification.
TCP (default) - Allows unlimited, security checked data transfers. The data are transferred by separate portions so-called packets.
UDP - Only limited data transfers are allowed (often limited to 500 bytes). The data transfer is very fast.
Timeout for inactivation of TCP connection [s]If this TCP connection is inactive during this time (no communication messages are sent) then the server terminates this connection.
The default value is 300 seconds (i.e. 5 minutes).
Timeout of one packet transfer [ms]If the data transfer (1 packet) takes longer than defined, then the transmission is terminated (the onEndOfTransfer event is triggered with the 24 error or 66 error).
The default value is 2000 ms.
Maximum number of clientsMaximum number of clients that can connect to the corresponding communication driver. In the PROMOTIC licences, these clients are counted as PmDataClient.
Max.number of rows in INFO/COMM, the "Monitor" tabThe transmision status can be checked in the INFO system. The information can be found in the "COMM" item.
This item contains more tabs. The "Monitor" tab contains circular transfer history list including the characters that has been transferred. The size of the circular list can be entered here.
The default value is 1000.

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