Call - method of the PmAction object

Calling action.
Empty Call()
This method is also functional in Web panels.

This method calls the action. It means that it executes the action content - based on action type. Action type and additional parameters are defined when creating the action by the Pm.CreatePmAction method.

If the designer assigned the PmAction object to some system component, then the Call method does not need to be called because it is called by the system component itself. See Usage of the PmAction object.

So far there is just one action type available (see the nType parameter in the CreatePmAction method) that call designer's methods (defined on the "Methods" tab) of the object. This method must have two parameters:
- oSystem: Object of the PmMap type that contains system information of the action. Properties of this object may vary based on the origin of calling the action. If the action was called by the designer by the Call method, then this object is empty (there are no properties).
- oPrivate: The PrivateData object. There are designer defined properties in this object.
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