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Paste Pmg object - configuration window

The window serves for setting the parameters for inserting the Pmg object into the tree of Pmg objects. This can be used e.g. for changing the name of inserted object or setting its position related to the target object.
The window is displayed when the Pmg object is inserted from the Windows clipboard or when moving the Pmg object by Drag&Drop.
target objectPath to target Pmg object relative to the position of the inserted object.
Paste into the objectThe object will be inserted inside the target Pmg object. It will be placed to the last memory order behind the last subobject of the target Pmg object.
Paste in front of the objectThe object will be placed to a memory order in front of the target Pmg object.
Paste behind the objectThe object will be placed to a memory order behind the target Pmg object.
Create a copy of the objectA copy of the object (including all subobjects) will be created and inserted to the requested position relative to the target object. This option is available only if the object is inserted by Drag&Drop.
Object nameIt allows to enter a new name of the inserted object or to change it in case of names conflict.

Pm9.00.10: Created
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