Rem - statement of language VBScript

Used to include explanatory remarks in a script.

Rem comment or
' comment
The comment argument is the text of any comment you want to include. After the Rem keyword, a space is required before comment.
Can be used an apostrophe (') instead of the Rem keyword. If the Rem follows other statements on the row, then it must be separated by "colon" character. If an apostrophe is used, then the colon is not required.
For multiple (multiline) commentary creation it is possible to use command Comment block (or Uncomment block) from the local script editor menu.
See also:
- Dim
- Set
VBScriptSelect and copy to clipboard

Dim sStr1, sStr2
sStr1 = "Hello" : Rem   ' Comment after keyword separated by "colon" character
sStr2 = "Goodbye"   ' Comment; no colon is needed
' Comment on a line with no code; no colon is needed
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