Statements list of the VBScript language

Some VBScript statements cannot be used in the PROMOTIC system. It goes first of all about the statements that define functions and the statements for calling functions connected with them. These statements are meant for the definition of functions on the script level, while in the PROMOTIC system there is defined the content of the functions themselves. It means that the script, for example, of the Pma object event is a body of the function and therefore it is not possible to define other functions.
Useful statements:
DimDeclares variables
Do...LoopRepeats a block of statements while the condition is true or until a condition becomes true.
EraseReinitializes items of fixed-size array and deallocates dynamic-array storage space
ExitExits a block of Do...Loop, For...Next or the whole function.
For Each...NextRepeats a group of statements for each item in an array
For...NextRepeats a group of statements a specified number of times
IfConditionally executes a group of statements, depending on the value of an expression
On ErrorIt allows error-handling
RandomizeInitializes the random-number generator
ReDimUsed to declare dynamic-array variables and allocate or reallocate storage space
RemUsed to include explanatory remarks in a script
Select CaseExecutes one of several groups of statements, depending on the value of an expression
SetAssignment of an object reference into the variable (or to an object property)
Not useful statements in the PROMOTIC system:


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