Operators list of the VBScript language

Addition (+) Used to sum two numbers
And Used to perform a logical conjunction on two expressions
Assigment (=) Used to assign a value to a variable or property
Concatenation (&) Used to force string concatenation of two expressions
Division (/) Used to divide two numbers (return a floating-point result)
Eqv Used to perform a logical equivalence on two expressions
Exponentiation (^) Used to raise a number to the power of an exponent
Imp Used to perform a logical implication on two expressions
Integer division (\) Used to divide two numbers (return an integer result)
Is Used to compare two object reference variables
Mod Divide two numbers and return the remainder ("modulo" operator)
Multiplication (*) Used to multiply two numbers
Not Used to perform logical negation on an expression
Or Used to perform a logical disjunction on two expressions
Subtraction (-) Used to find the difference between two numbers or to indicate the negative value of a numeric expression
Xor Used to perform a logical exclusion on two expressions
Comparison operators:
<less than
>greater than
<=less or equal
>=greater or equal
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