Permissions - page of object PmRoot

On this page permissions of the object are defined. See Description of the page Permissions.
Permissions list of the object:
AppStopEnable/disable application stop. Users that can stop the application, are specified here. The application can be stopped by Pm.AppQuit or Pm.AppStop method. It isn't meaningful for the network users.
EditUsersEnable/disable editing the users in the running application. This means specifying users who can edit other users. Users can be edited by Pm.WndEditUsers method. It isn't meaningful for the network users.
InfoEditEnable/disable properties editing and methods calling in the INFO system. It isn't meaningful for the network users.
You'll get into the edit/call mode by the following walkthrough: In the runtime mode call the INFO system window, select the PmRoot item in the tree (if this item is enabled, see the InfoShowApp permission) and select an object in it in which you want to edit the property or to call method/event. Mark the property that you want to edit (or mark method/event) in the selected object in appropriate page and click by the right mouse button. Select the Edit (or Call or similar) item in the local menu for required action.
It is possible to edit the properties:
- variable values in the PmData, PmDataTable and PmCommMsg objects.
- the UpdateEnabled and UpdateRate property in the PmCommData object.
It is possible to call the following methods and events in objects:
- PmCommMsg: Call the Run method or to emulate the onEndOfTransfer event.
- PmCommData: Call the Refresh method or emulate the onDataReceive event.
- PmOpcClientData: Emulate the onDataReceive event.
- PmPanel: Open/close the window or to call the methods in Methods page.
- PmFolder: Call methods in Methods page.
InfoShowEnable/disable the viewer of the INFO system. This means specifying users who can display the viewer of the INFO system. It isn't meaningful for the network users.
InfoShowAppEnable/disable the view of the full application objects tree in the INFO system. It goes about displaying the INFO item (on the first level of the tree) with the name PmRoot.
WebMethodsEnable/disable calling methods from Web. This means specification of users (clients), that can use calling the global functions by means of Pm.Methods. The global methods are defined on the Methods page of the PmRoot object, and they can be called even in Web panels. It is meaningful only for network users.

Similar authorization is PmPanel > Permissions > WebMethods, used for enabling the panel method calling.

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