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The variables defined on the Data page can be accessed from a script, for example the access to the first variable (zero-based index) with name 'Aerial':
v = pMe.Pm("/Data/Pressures").Item(0).Value
v = pMe.Pm("/Data/Pressures").Item("Aerial").Value
v = pMe.Pm("/Data/Pressures/#vars/0").Value
v = pMe.Pm("/Data/Pressures/#vars/Aerial").Value
#vars identifier:

In the PmData object, the #vars identifier is used to enable variables (of the Var type) defined on the Data page. This identifier can be used in methods working with application object tree (e.g. for the Pm method), or for the PP data binding in the application and in panels. For example the Pm method ("data1/#vars/aaa") returns the data item aaa from the object named data1 of the PmData type.

Identifier #ext:

References to Data extensions objects in the Var variable can also be done directly by extending the path of the Pm method using the #ext identifier. This can be used in Pm method or in PP binding in the application and in panels. For example the pMe.Pm method ("/data/#vars/Temperature/#ext/al") returns the data extension with al identifier (ExtAlarmAnalog) in the "Temperature" variable (Var) in the "data" object (PmData).

Various operations can be performed over variables in the PmData object.. For example:
- Offering values (for read and write) into the Web using the XML format. The client requiring data from this Web component is type of "PmDataClient" from the license point of view.
- Every variable of this object can be extended by other functionality (see Data extensions), for example by alarm connections, OPC or DDE communication, etc.
- Saving to String type by the SaveToString method.
- etc.
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