Refresh - method of object PmCommData

Enables reading (restoring) all values of the data group defined on the Data page together with the data registered into this object via the ExtComm data extension.
Refresh As Boolean
Return Values:
true - on success
false - on error
The Refresh method is an asynchronous operation, i.e. after the method is terminated the data are not necessarily updated. The method only causes the data transmission and after completed, the onDataReceive event is fired.

The Refresh method need not to be called if the configurator Data refresh enabled is checked, because the data are read automatically. The method can be alled even if the configurator is checked - then this method alters the period of automatic transmission and one transmission is executed immediately.

This method can even be called from the INFO system by clicking the "Actions" button. See permission PmRoot > Permissions > InfoEdit.
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