BackupCreate - method of the PmaTrendGroup object

Creates a new backup.
The method is functional only if the type of the technology (see the "Storage type" configurator) supporting the backup is selected.
Empty BackupCreate([String sName], [String sTitle])
sName[optional] (String) Name of the new backup file
sTitle[optional] (String) The user description of the new backup file
By calling the method the backup where the data were stored so far, is closed (by calling the methods Run or RunTime) and a new empty backup is created. The method can be called regardless of whether the automatic backup creation is defined on the "Storage" tab. If the sName, sTitle parameters aren't set, then the backup is created with the pre-defined system and user's name and both these strings can be changed in the onBackupCreate event.
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var oTrend = pMe.Pm("/Trends");
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