ActiveX events - tab of the PmaActiveX object

The tab serves to the definition of the events algorithms for the specified ActiveX object. The algorithm is executed only when the event to which the algorithm is assigned is triggered. Controlling see Basic control of script editor.
EventsList of ActiveX object events. After the selection of the event it can be defined a script that has to be executed after triggering of this event.
Parameterslist of ActiveX event parameters.
EditBy clicking here the edit window for the script can be opened the window that servers for easy definition of the script (it is the full screen window, cursor coordinates are displayed on the bottom of the window, which is useful for errors detection in the script).
Parameters common to all events:
pMeReference to the PmaActiveX object that owns this ActiveX object. Reference to the ActiveX object itself can be obtained by the pMe.Acx expression.
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