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Files of the PDF type

PDF (abbreviation for Portable Document Format) is a file format developed by the Adobe company. It can be used for storage of documents independently on software and hardware where the document originated. The PDF file type may contain both text and images while the format provides identical viewing of such document on any device. The PDF documents can be cretaed in commercial software Acrobat by Adobe, but also in other programs (usually only as export to PDF).
There are many free PDF viewers available for various platforms, but the best known is the viewer Adobe Reader. Some active type content (for example interactive forms, 3D graphics, videos, audio, etc.) may not be supperted by many PDF viewers. The PDF format files have the .pdf suffix. PDF is an open standard that is easily portable (viewing is independent on used software and hardware) and therefore very popular.

1. View file

Examples of opening Document.pdf file
The example of the PmaWebDir object viewer opening:
Opens Web browser and displays the Document.pdf file, that is offered by the PmaWebDir object.
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var oCreator = Pm.CreateView(null, "/Web/WebDir", "file:Document.pdf", "target:_blank;");
Example of file opening by the ShellExecute method for reading:
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Pm.ShellExecute("open", "#data:Document.pdf", "", "#data:", 1);
Example of file opening by the ShellExecute method in the Edge Web browser:
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var sPathBrowser = "c:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft/Edge/Application/";
Pm.ShellExecute("open", sPathBrowser + "msedge.exe", "c:/download/filename.pdf", sPathBrowser, 3);

2. Print into the file

In the PROMOTIC application it is possible to print by sending the data to a virtual printer (Windows OS 11/10 contains "Microsoft Print to PDF") that does not print on a paper but into the file.
In Windows OS 8, 7 and older systems it is necessary to install another third party software.
Print panel with printer selection:
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3. Saving into the PDF file

wkhtmltopdf is open source (LGPLv3) command line tool for rendering HTML pages into PDF using the Qt WebKit rendering engine. This run entirely "headless" (no GUI). This software tool can be used for saving the content of PROMOTIC HTML pages into PDF.
Note: This software tool so far cannot save the content of the trend viewer (curves).
Saving the panel by means of open source (LGPLv3) tool wkhtmltopdf as PDF:
All files for download:

Command example from the command line:
C:\Program Files\wkhtmltopdf\bin>wkhtmltopdf.exe --debug-javascript --javascript -delay 5000 --orientation Landscape http://localhost d:\pmc.pdfe.pdf
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