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Appearance - tab of the PmgAlarmHistoryViewer object

Setting appearance of individual sections of the alarm history viewer
BorderObject border type:
None - No border
Simple line - Simple border of the object
Static - Simple 3D border of the object
3D - Three dimensional border of the object
Modal - Modal border of the object
Font for displayingFont used for displaying the alarm item and its header.
Format of date and time
Time format TimeOnFormat of date and time displayed in the column TimeOn
Time format TimeOffFormat of date and time displayed in the column TimeOff
Time format TimeAckFormat of date and time displayed in the column TimeAck
Replacement text (if data is not available)
Replacement text typeSpecifies if the replacement text will be shown if there is no data in the table and its format.
0 = none - No replacement text will be displayed.
1 = only the replacement text - The whole replacement text will be displayed.
2 = replacement text + backup name - The whole replacement text will be displayed followed by the name of the current backup.
Replacement textValue of the replacement text.
Replacement text colorColor of the replacement text in the table.
Table header
Enable headerIf checked, then the header and table data area will be displayed (otherwise only the data area of the table is displayed).
Header background colorTable header background color.
Header text colorTable header text color.
Header grid colorTable header grid color.
Table data area
Data area background colorTable data area background color.
Data area text colorTable data area text color.
Data area grid colorTable data area grid color

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