Common properties of selected OPC items - configuration window

Specifies common properties of selected OPC items.
This configuration window can be opened after selecting the items in the "Viewing the OPC server address space" window.
The prefix of inserted namesFor all selected items names a text prefix is added to the beginning of the name.
Data typeAll added variables will be of the same type.
If the meaning of these items does not allow to have the same data type (e.g. Boolean), then it is useful to select the Variant data type, that will make the variable obtain the data type after receiving the value from the OPC server. Of course the designer can change the data type of individual items after the selection ends.
OPC AccessPathAccess path to the variable in the OPC server. The value can be empty usually.
The path can be entered either manually or it can be selected from the selective window that can be opened by the button right from the input. But the selective window can be opened only if the OPC-DA server is installed and if it supports the selection.

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