Sound parameters - configuration window

Allows the sound configuration of sound playback server of the PROMOTIC system.
In addition to selecting the sound file for playback some other parameters can be also set.
The sounds are played via the Windows OS resources on the computers sound card.
The sound volume is set in Windows OS sound mixer.
Sound fileWAV sound file.
Once the file playback starts it has to be played up to the end, and therefore it is recommended to use shorter files with repeat enabled, better than long playtime files.
Number of sound repeat (-1 = unlimited)The number of sound playback repeat.
It allows to set the sound playback repeat count or endless loop.
Delay while repeating [s]The time delay (in seconds) between repeated playback.
It has sense for the first playback which starts immediately.
Play file oncePlays the selected sound directly, independently on other settings (number of repeats, delay, etc.).
Play/Stop configured soundStarts/stops the sound playback including the configuration of repeat, delay, etc.
The playback of configured sound is terminated when leaving the window.

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