Type - property of object tvGraph

View type of trend.
Type As String
oGraph.Type = s
"Linear" (default) - Continuous, data points of the tvPoints object are connected by single line
"Stairs" - Stairs, data points of the tvPoints object are connected by horizontal and vertical pointed line
"StairsHoriz" - Stairs, it differs from the previous value thereby that vertical lines are not drawn
"Bar" - Simple bar
"3DBar" - 3D bar
"Const(x)" - Constant function. x is a real value by which the horizontal line is drawn independently there on whether tvPoints object has read some data points or hasn't.
Property access for read and write. The preset value of this property is defined in the "Graphic mode > Graph type" configurator of this object.

When the object is created, the value of this property is copied from the TrendsView.GraphInit object.

If the tvGraph object draws even the latest, or the oldest data point from all points read in the tvPoints object, then the tvTrend.DrawAfterPointsType and tvTrend.DrawBeforePointsType properties specify if the tvGraph object has to draw even the predictive trend to the future, or to the past (the predictive trend is possible only at the types "Stairs", "StairsHoriz" and "Const(x)" and it means drawing the horizontal line to the future, or to the past).
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