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setProxy - method of the HttpRequest object

Specifies proxy settings.
String setProxy(Integer proxySetting, String varProxyServer, String varBypassList)
proxySetting(Integer) Configuration of the proxy server. List of available settings.
0 - SXH_PROXY_SET_PRECONFIG The configuration is taken from the Windows registry. If the WinHTTP proxy configuration tool was used to set up the proxy server on the client computer then proxycfg.exe.
1 - SXH_PROXY_SET_DIRECT Access all HTTP and HTTPS servers directly.
2 - SXH_PROXY_SET_PROXY Specify one or more proxy servers and an optional skip list. (If no proxy server is specified for the protocol and the server is not in the skip list then the server cannot be accessed.)
varProxyServer(String) The name of a proxy server or a list of proxy server names.
varBypassList(String) A list of locally known hostnames or IP addresses that will be allowed to bypass the proxy settings.
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oReq.setProxy(2, "adventure-works", "<local>");
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