Object HttpRequest

HttpRequest is an object that can be used to transfer data between a Web client and a Web server..

The client can use this object to send any HTTP request. This object has multiple versions. This documentation only describes the interface for versions MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP.6.0 and MSXML2.XMLHTTP.6.0.
The MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP.6.0 version has additional methods, that allow communication authentication using user certificates.
Any data format can be received or sent. In the case of receiving data in the XML format, the received response can be analyzed using the Microsoft XML Document Object Model (DOM). See: How to read common XML files in the application.
Properties and methods:
abortTerminates and closes the HTTP request object.
getAllResponseHeadersReads the values of all the HTTP request headers.
getOptionReturns information about the requested transfer property.
getResponseHeaderRetrieves the value of a specific HTTP request header.
onreadystatechangeSpecifies the function to be called, when the readyState property is changed
readyStateReports the status of the request.
openSets the method, URL address, and authentication information for the requested data transfer.
responseBodyRepresents the message body as a byte array.
responseStreamRepresents the message body as IStream.
responseTextRepresents the message body as text.
responseXMLRepresents the response entity body as parsed by Microsoft® XML Core Services (MSXML).
sendSends an HTTP request to the server.
setOptionSets the requested transmission property.
setProxySpecifies proxy configuration
setProxyCredentialsSpecify proxy authentication credentials.
setRequestHeaderRetrieves the value of a specific HTTP request header.
setTimeoutsSpecifies timeout settings for resolving the domain name, establishing the connection to the server, sending the data, and receiving the response.
statusReturns the HTTP request status code of the request.
waitForResponseAllows the requesting server to suspend execution while waiting for an asynchronous send operation to complete.
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