How to enable SNMP server in OS Windows

This setting will enable OS Windows as SNMP server for communication with the SNMP client (for example by means of the PmSNMP communication driver). It is used for testing purposes or for monitoring the OS Windows itself.
Caution: The Microsoft Windows SNMP only supports protocol versions up to SNMPv2C. It does not support any later versions of the protocol. (Valid information in year 2016).

This setup procedure was created and tested on OS Windows 10 and OS Windows 7.

1) In the first step it is necessary to enable the SNMP service.
(The Control Panel window is set by default into the classical view View as: Large icons or Small icons)
- In window Control Panel / Programs and Features select "Turn Windows features on or off".
- select (mark) item "Simple Network Managment Protocol" and subitem "WMI SNMP Provider".
- Confirm window.

2) In the second step it is necessary to set the access rights for read and write.
- In window Control Panel / Administrative tools / Services select (mark) item "SNMP Service".
- Open the window (mouse doubleclick) and select the tab "Security".
- select (mark) item "Send authentication trap".
- In area "Send authentication trap" by the button "Add ...":
- Create "Community" public with permission: Read only
- Create "Community" private with permision: Read and write. Set this only if you also want to enable writing

The community names may differ. Then it is necessary to change the setup for the PmSNMP communication driver in configurators "ReadOnly community name" and "ReadWrite community name".
- select (mark) item "Accept SNMP packets from these hosts" and fill in the list of enabled hosts (enter IP address of the computer where the PROMOTIC application is running..
- Confirm window.
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- How to enable SNMP server in OS Windows
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