GetInfo - method of object PmObject

Returns the reference to the Info object with the specified name.
GetInfo(sName As String) As Object
Set o = oObject.GetInfo("data")
sName(String) Name of the Info object. Each PROMOTIC object can provide more Info objects that just differ by their name.

The GetInfo method is useful only for providing the Info object into the PmTable ActiveX graphic object in the meantime. This ActiveX object can then display the data from the object automatically, only for the refresh of the visualized data is it necessary to call the PmTable.Draw method.

Provided Info objects so far are as follows:

PROMOTIC object: Name of the Info object: Meaning of the Info object:
PmDatabase "data" provides the data table contained in the database to which this object is bound
PmDataTable "data" provides the data table that is in this object
It is necessary to bind the data in the PROMOTIC object "/Data/MyData1" with the PmTable graphic item. In the initialization of the graphic item (in the onStart property) is the following script:
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Dim oData
Set oData = pMe.Pm("/Data/MyData1")
pMe.Acx.FillFromInfo oData.GetInfo("data"), "bind"
Thus the PmTable graphic item is by the FillFromInfo method filled up by the information about the object "/Data/MyData1" and the parameter "bind" specifies that this binding has to be kept all the time of the visualization. Now it is enough for example in the onRefresh event of this item to call only the Draw method that finds out new values from the Info object and displays them on the screen in the graphic item:
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