OPC - tab of the PmaOpcDaClient object

Definition of the OPC server to which this client has to be connected.
The server name can be otherwise entered manually but more common is to select the OPC server use the button with three dots. After pressing this button the window with the list of all OPC servers on the computer is created and it is possible to select the OPC server from this list. By such choice of the OPC server the description that is registered together with this server, is automatically filled up as well.
OPC server - CLSID/ProgIDIdentification text (CLSID or ProgID) of the OPC server.
The next button can be used for the selection.
OPC server - descriptionDescription (additional text) of the OPC server.
This text is filled up by itself when selecting a server by the button.
Run on computerName or IP address of the remote computer on which the OPC server has to be started.
Example: //Server1 (or it is also possible \\Server1) or
An empty value means the local computer (default value).
The communication with the remote OPC proceeds by means of the Microsoft communication DCOM. See: Configuration of the DCOM interface for OPC-DA server.
Macro expression can be used for input (it is evaluated after the application is launched).
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