Key - tab of the PmaKey object

The tab serves for the definition of the shortcut key or their combination. After their pressing the onKeyDown event is triggered.
Restriction of repeating "KeyDown" while pressedBy its checking, the onKeyDown event (the onKeyUp event) is triggered only once while pressed the key.
KeyThe shortcut key or their combination. The key (their combination) it is necessary to define by its pressing. It is not possible to define the key (their combination) introduced in the list of useless keys. It is not recommended to use separate keys, for example A (it can occur to the conflict in the running application, e.g. by entering the password).
useless keys (key combinations):
Ctrl + A (+ B, + E, + G, + I, + O, + P, + S, + U, + F1)
Shift + A (+ B, + E, + G, + I, + O, + P, + S, + U, + F1)
Ctrl + Shift + A (+ B, + E, + G, + I, + O, + P, + S, + U, + F1)
F1, F10, F11, F12
Alt + any key
Tab + any key
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