Min - property of the PmfNumber object

Minimum value.
Double Min
Property access for read and write.
When value is being entered into the form, the system tests the value and compares it to this minimum. The value can not be lower.

If the property is not set, then returns the value: null for JavaScript or Empty pro VBScript. Assigning such value brings the property to status "not set".

This property is also functional in Web panels.
See also:
- PmfNumber.Max (property)
- PmfNumber.Value (property)
JavaScriptSelect and copy to clipboard

// Setting the propert when the object is created
// If integer:
var oNumber = oForm.CreateItem("number", "Id1", "Title", "Min:-6;Max:3;");
// If real number:
var oNumber = oForm.CreateItem("number", "Id1", "Title", "Subtype:float;Min:-6.25;Max:3.14;");

var nValue = oNumber.Min;   // Reading from the property
oNumber.Min = -6;   // Writing into the property

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