PmiWAnimate - Deatiled object description

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This item is the Window item.

For simple animations it is better to use the PmiAnimImage graphic item that ise used for displaying animated GIFs. Using this item does ot require installation of any video decoder, is more general and can easily be used in both local panels and Web panels.

The graphic item can run in two modes:
- Playing type=Multimedia: for playing all video files. Limitations:
- transparency is not supported
- PmiItem.onMousePress event is not supported
- Playing type=Simple: for playing simple *.avi files. In this mode the tranparency of the background color of the *.avi file is supported if the file was created in this way. It is possible to set the Background color configurator to such AVI file. Limitations:
- *.avi files with more than one video-track are not shown.
- the *.avi file can have two tracks in total at the most.
- if the file contains audio-track, then it is not played.
- the file must be either not compressed or compressed by the RLE8 compression.
- the graphic item is displayed only in the size in which it was constructed.

If this graphic item cannot play the *.avi file, then the title NOT POSSIBLE TO PRESENT appears in attributes in the configuration window of this item.

This graphic item usually cannot be used for stream video playback, for example from industrial camera. For this type of playback see How to use cameras in the PROMOTIC system.
The graphic item doesn't include the data itself from the file, it is only the reference to the file. The designer must ensure so that the corresponding file is always accessible by the application - by correctly entering the filename and setting the path to the file. It is recommended to use the files located on #pmres: or #appres: paths only
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