Object PmiBar (Bar)

The PmiBar graphic item serves for displaying the value in the form of a graphic bar. The graphic item displays the value by the bar height (level) in the defined limits. The graphic item itself has no scale, i.e. it is not possible to read precisely the value displayed by the bar level on running the application.
The value of the bar level can be displayed by the PmiText graphic item that is bounded to the same value as the PmiBar graphic item. The more complex item PmiBarPane that includes even a scale, can be used as well.
This object adopts properties and methods of object PmiPanel.
Properties and methods:
BarColor Bar color
Value Value displayed by the bar level
ValueMax High limit of the displayed value
ValueMin Low limit of the displayed value
Configuration windows:
Object General information about the object
Content Content of the graphic item in the XML form
Position Setting the position, width and height of the item
Subitems It is used for creating compound items
Variables List and configuration of user defined item variables
Events Algorithms definition for the object events
Methods Definition of designer's methods in the graphic item
Panel Setting the background area of the edited graphic item
Bar Column properties.
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