Data types in Microsoft Excel

Data type Length Description
BYTE 1 byte Number from 0 to 255 for storing binary data
INTEGER 2 Integer from -32 768 to 32 767.
LONG 4 Integer from -2 147 483 648 to 2 147 483 647
SINGLE 4 Numeric data type with float precision to 6 decimal digits
DOUBLE 8 Numeric data type with float precision with double precision in calculations
CURRENCY 8 A number with fixed 4 decimal digits
DECIMAL 14 Numeric data type with fixed precision and scale (precision upto 28).
STRING   Text string. Flexible length or 64 kilobytes.
BOOLEAN 2 Logical value (true or false)
DATE 8 The date in the range from 1.1.100 to 31.12.9999
OBJECT 4 Reference to an object.
VARIANT 16 Basic type. May contain special value Null, numeric value, text, reference to the object or variable array.

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