Application appearance modification (zoom)

The window serves for setting the parameters that are used for calculations of application appearance resize. This configuration window can be opened on page PmRoot > Appearance.
Configuration items:
Zoom typeSpecifies the method of calculation of application appearance resize.
no - the application will not be resized - The orizinal size (zoom) of application will be preserved.
const - the application size will be multiplied by a constant - The size of the application will be multiplied by the value of defined constant.
original - application resize with respec to the original display resolution - The size of application will be modified automatically based on the current display resolution with respect to the original display resolution.
ResizeIt is used for defining the value of constant factor of application resize
Select original display resolutionAllows to select the original resolution based on current display resolution or from a list of standard resolutions.
Horizontal resolutionIt is used for defining the default horizontal display resolution.
Vertical resolutionIt is used for defining the default vertical display resolution.
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- Application appearance modification (zoom)
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