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Object PmfTreeItem (Tree item)

The object represents a tree item (see Tree items).
Properties and methods:
CreateItem()Creates new tree item
GetExpanded()Returns current state of collapsing/expanding of the tree item
GetItem()Returns the tree item on the specified path
GetItemCount()Returns the number of subitems of the specific tree item
GetItemIndex()Returns the index of the tree item
GetPath()Returns the string with the absolute path to the tree item
GetSel()Returns the selected tree item
GetVisible()Returns the visibility of the tree item
IdThe identifier of the tree item
ParentReturns the reference to the parent item
PrivateDataPrivate value of the tree item
RemoveItem()Removes the selected item from the tree
RequestTypeThe property returns or sets the request type for creating subitems of the corresponding tree item
SetExpanded()Expands or collapses the tree item
SetSel()Sets the selected tree item
SetVisible()Sets the visibility of the tree item
TextColorThe property returns or sets the text color of the tree item
TitleDisplayed title of the tree item
TreeReturns PmfTree object
The object can be created by calling the PmfTreeItem.CreateItem method and can be accessed by calling the PmfTreeItem.GetItem method.
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