Download the PmNetKey licence server

Allows to provide the PROMOTIC licences to applications via networks. This licencing method is supported by the PROMOTIC system since version Pm8.2.0.
PmNetKey Download the PmNetKey licence server   15.3. 2016 18 MB

PmNetKey licence server installation

The package contains the installation of PROMOTIC licence assignment and monitoring program. There is no need to use this program if the standard licencing is available for the PROMOTIC application (PROMOTIC HW Key, SWK licence file extending the content of licence key or SWK licence file bound to a specific HW components of the computer).

Download the file e.g. PmNetKey10400.msi and launch it on the computer that will work as PROMOTIC licence server. This installation package will install the network licence server on this computer.

See: PmNetKey licence server.
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