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PROMOTIC - Реализованные проекты

За десятилетия, прошедшие с тех пор, как SCADA система PROMOTIC был впервые представлен на рынке, рынок изменился, Этот инструмент был использован в тысячах приложений в самых разных сегментах промышленной автоматизации. Производство, энергетика, BMS, безопасность, HVAC, склады - вот лишь некоторые из областей, где SCADA система PROMOTIC успешно используется. С удавольствием расширим этот список и Вашими интересными аппликациями, которые Вы создали системой PROMOTIC. Базовые информации нам можете послать заполнением бланка.

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Water powerplant MVE Hučák, Hradec Králové - мониторинг of a small hydroelectric power plant
Reconstruction of the historic power plant first put into operation in 1912, with three Francis turbines, each with an output of 270kW.

Water powerplant Křižanovice - мониторинг of a small hydroelectric power plant
A single-display PROMOTIC application for мониторинг and control of a small hydroelectric power plant with a Francis turmine. The управление, регуляция и data acquisition is based on RTAC SEL-3505.

Central technological SCADA system - Žatecká teplárenská, a.s. (Чехия)
A central SCADA system that runs on the technology server. Access to the system is solely through Web clients, where each user has access level by function and ranking after login. Supervision and control is carried out from two control rooms, from foremen and manager workplaces. Access is also granted to service personnel, or for supply companies during order execution. The Web presentation of the company displays the current production using xml, SCADA transmits and receives data using XML to/from other PROMOTIC applications DISPATCHING, CAMERAS, METERING.

Diagnostics of the secondary voltage control system (ASRU) of wind parks. Румы́ния
The automated volatge регуляция system (ASRU) is designed for control rooms that control power grids or control rooms of electricity substations (with/without personnel) whose task is to control the voltage at the pilot nodes of the power grid. ASRU is a distributed system, part of which is located at the control room (ARN regulator) and part at the production plants (SRU controller).

Small hydropower plan in Nymburk - Ingea, spol. s r.o.
Dual monitor PROMOTIC application for continuous мониторинг of a small hydropower plant with four adustable-blade-type turbines. The управление и data acquisition is built on the ABB AC500 PLC device.

Small hydropower plan in Kníničky - Ingea, spol. s r.o.
Dual monitor PROMOTIC application for continuous мониторинг of a small hydropower plant with four adustable-blade-type turbines. The управление и data acquisition is built on the ABB AC500 PLC device.

Dispatching centres of powerplant terminals - OSC a.s.
Energy terminals Mělník 1, Prostějov and Počerady. Connection of dispatcher centers to control systems ZAT, METSO and SIEMENS. Interconnection with CEZ, ČEPS and E.On dispatcher centers. The terminal monitors the production and supply of electrical work and gas consumption and evaluates actual operation.

Biogas stations (1xЧехия, 3xСловакия) - KK-Technology a.s.
Operational мониторинг of four biogas stations in the Чехия and Словакия. Control systems are built on the Schneider M340 (Twido) PLC devices with communication via the OPC server.

Мониторинг и управление of Power Substation (Греция) - Power Systems Protection
Digital control system of electric switching station in Pylos (Греция) is designed to monitor all operating parameters of the power supply. The system monitors the status of all electrical equipment and performs continuous measurement of parameters of each part of the circuit (P, Q, I, V, f, cosφ). The assembly consists of one 150kV CB, and one 150 / 20kV power transformer with OLTC 6.20 kV.

Diagnostic and monitoring system of photovoltaic power plant – Ampera, spol. s r.o.
Photovoltaic мониторинг system built on AMiT AMiNi-ES PLC devices and Vacon 250kW inverters (4x). OOM electricity meter мониторинг, inverter operation reports, automatic sending of data to OKTE on a daily and monthly basis, sending of alarm SMS.

Мониторинг и регуляция потребления энергии - Tatra Trucks a.s и Tatra Metalurgie a.s.
Energy monitoring in Tatra plants built on AMiT PLC devices. The system monitors operation of the boiler room, 9 painting and sanding boxes and 2 drying tunnels - filtration processes, air heaters, air recuperation, water filtration, и т.д.

Energy consumption control system - Chart Ferox, a.s.
Centralized energy dispatching center of the enterprise based on AMiT control systems. The SCADA system обеспечивает the heating and hot water production (5 local boilers - 2x400 kW, 2x300 kW, 160 kW), control of ROBUR hot air generators and infrared heaters (MANDÍK and KASPO).

Мониторинг of 32 dual fuel generators - ComAp a.s.
System for мониторинг the operation of 32 diesel fuel generators in Ghana (Africa). The system periodically reads 15 operation variables from each generator. The values are subsequently processed and evaluated. Коммуникация between dispatcher PCs and generators is implemented by the Modbus protocol.

Energy мониторинг и регуляция - Thomayer's Hospital
Energy мониторинг и регуляция

Energy мониторинг и регуляция - Czech press office (ČTK)
Energy мониторинг и регуляция

Мониторинг the energy consumption and usage in the family house
The system primarily monitors and controls the use of electricity generated by the PV plant. Based on the measured data of the PV plant's actual power output and consumption, the control system operates the SSR relays, which provides a defined power input to the heating elements in the HOT water storage tank. The system thus ensures maximum utilization of the electricity produced by the PV plant, so that the electricity consumption for the house, including the power input of the heating elements from the grid, is zero. The system also monitors the amount of hot water in the DHW storage tank to ensure that there is always enough hot water available. DHW heating at times when there is insufficient sunshine is provided from the distribution network and only at times of low tariff, which is also monitored.


Мониторинг system - Slovak National Gallery Bratislava (Словакия)
Мониторинг system - SLOVAK NATIONAL GALLERY, Bratislava, where heatpumps are used for heating and cooling and the whole complex is controlled by around 50 DDC sub-stations

Healthcare scientific park of the University in Košice (Словакия) (Словакия)
Control system managing pressure, humidity and air circulation in laboratories, operating rooms and animal breeding compartments. Central cooling system, monitoring of DEMI water preparation, integration of VRF system Panasonic BACnet protocol (Ethernet).

Управление и мониторинг of coal feeding - Plzeňská energetika a.s.
Control system of 3 coal transport lines to the boiler built on the Simatic S7 PLC. Control and signaling of the status of individual belt conveyors, roll carts, sinking plows, distributing flaps. Level measurements of coal in the silos, material quantity statistics.

Управление и мониторинг of coal feeding - Теплоцентраль Tábor a.s.
Boiler coal line transport control system built on GE FANUC PLC. Control and signaling of individual belt conveyors, chain feeders, telescopic claws, sinking plows. Capture of coal in the tanks, material quantity statistics.

Мониторинг the hybrid coal steam boiler - Klatovská Теплоцентраль
System for continuous мониторинг of the operation of a hybrid steam boiler in Klatovy heating plant built on the Schneider Premium PLC.

Мониторинг the chemical water treatment - Klatovská Теплоцентраль
Complex system for мониторинг the operation of the chemical water treatment plant in the Klatovy heat plant. Коммуникация with: 1x PLC Schneider Premium Unity, 2x PLC Modicon TSX Micro, 1x PLC Modicon M340, 1x PLC Twido, Advantech ADAM.

Water chemistry processing plant - Železná ruda
Water chemistry processing plant - 2 x CULLIGAN filter, chemical management, water treatment UL lamp, water tank management

Monitoring and Control of Production

Remote control and мониторинг of the engine room of a naval military vessel.
The monitoring and control system of the engine room of a naval ship is composed of eight PLCs, whose task is to collect signals, process information, transmit control signals and exchange data.

Dust extraction system in the granular fertilizer production - ZAKŁADY CHEMICZNE "Siarkopol"
The PROMOTIC application controls and monitors the system of cold extraction in a granulated fertilizer plant.

Управление и мониторинг of concrete production plant - WROŃSKI Spółka Jawna
The PROMOTIC application acts as a system of supervision of the concrete mixing process. The operator can use ready-made recipes to produce more than 200 types of concrete. In addition, the system allows continuous stock control of raw materials and indicates the status of individual devices.

Мониторинг и evaluation of machinery performance of production plant - Danfoss a.s.
An extensive comprehensive manufacturing-information system for мониторинг and evaluating machine operation (thermostats manufacturing line) built on 24x PLCs Hitachi, Sprecher_Schuh, Simatic, Mitsubishi. Клиент x сервер architecture (1x PC Сервер + 12x PC Client + 15x PmWebClient). Import data from predefined tables and templates in MS Excel. Archiving data into the MS SQL Сервер central database, documenting production history.

Мониторинг и archiving production data - Biocel Paskov a.s.
The system monitors operation of pulp production line. Identifies real-time movement and status of all packets on the packing line, assigns weight to each package, обеспечивает proper packet printing with production data and обеспечивает accurate records of the number of packages produced and dispatched. The system archives all important system data on the Oracle database сервер and passes data regarding manufactured products and their quality to the enterprise SAP IS. All user and operator accesses use the Web interface.

Mineral water siurce мониторинг (4xСловакия) - MINERAL-AQUASERVIS, spol. s r.o.
Мониторинг of mineral springs in four localities in Slovakia. Intelligent ICP modules (Advantech ADAM) are used data acquisition. The entire data collection system is built on the SCADA система PROMOTIC Web interface. Thanks to this, the Slovak Ministry of Health has direct access to measured values in real time.

Malt processing control and мониторинг - Malt-house Trnava
Barley processing technology is monitored and managed from the dispatcher center using система PROMOTIC. On the computer where this визуализация is running, an OPC server is installed, which communicates with the control systems, collects data and configures them as needed.

Monitoring Info System

Мониторинг system - Kutuzov Barracks Bratislava - Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic (Словакия)
Мониторинг system of energy equipment of the barracks area with 20 sub-substations.

Визуализация of Snop Automotive Zwickau GmbH operation and production processes
SCADA система PROMOTIC collects data from PLCs from different production areas (body shop, hot forming, press) and infrastructure (transformer station, compressed air...). The program visualizes/combines/archives PLC data.

Визуализация of the operation of water management technological units
The ASIO company builds the system of визуализация and control of water management units on the PROMOTIC software core, which are the subject of its deliveries. These are mainly water treatment plants and wastewater treatment plants. With the help of a web interface, the operator gets a constant overview of the current state of the technology, the history of monitored parameters. Depending on the user rights, it is also possible to make modifications and adjust the operation.

Визуализация system of Choceňská mlékárna (dairy productioon), spol. s r.o.
Визуализация system of operation and technical subsystems of Choceň dairy - production, cooling, water heating, air compressors, boiler rooms. It communicates with 8 Omron PLCs via OPC KEP Server, three TECO PLCs, one SIEMENS PLC and Papouch TH2E converter.

Drinking water treatment plant in Strašice - мониторинг
Drinking water treatment plant in Strašice - мониторинг

Energy мониторинг и регуляция - Bohušovická mlékárna
There are currently 5 PROMOTIC applications running in the Bohušovice dairy. They monitor production technology, process and archive data. They monitor energy and wastewater treatment.

Wastewater treatment plant in Przybranów - TOLL – Łukasz Kaczmarski
Creating an application for the management of individual pump stations of the sewerage network. Creating an application that allows the telemetry module to download data from the control unit and send it to the control station of the monitoring system. Creating a monitoring system control station. The system is available as a traditional application and as a web service.

110/22kV substation control and information system - Tatravagónka a.s. Poprad
Коммуникация centre SEL-2240 AXION located in the building Rz 110/22kV Tatravagónka a.s. Poprad forms the core of the control and information system for the 110/22kV substation. It provides communication interconnection of the 110/22kV secondary technology units field /protection, control modules/ communicating by IEC 61850 protocol on optical fiber with metallic Ethernet network and the IEC60870-5-104 protocol, which is further processed at the operator workstation level. The operator level of control and information is on система PROMOTIC in the dispatching building and in the BSP building of Tatravagónka Poprad a.s.

Визуализация и trending of fuel belt weight - Žatecká teplárenská, a.s. (Чехия)
The PROMOTIC application communicates with the Unitronic control system of the fuel belt weigher by the Modbus TCP/IP protocol data on quantity and performance. It obtains information from the AMiT control system using the DB-Net/IP protocol on the state of fuel supply technology and where the fuel is added to boilers K1, K2 and K3. The data are saved to the database for an individual operation, for each день and monthly. For an overview of the fuel supply, an image from the weight area is also transmitted.

Мониторинг и регуляция of rooms heating in the ABITO hotel
Data reading from iNELS control units, data processing, мониторинг и editing heating parameters. Interconnection with HORES reservation system. Optimalization of hotel rooms heating based on the reservation data in real time.

MDPA potassium mine in Alsace, mining site Else, French
System of визуализация and archiving of mining lifts. The system displays motion signals (location, speed, acceleration) of the device (cages) in the shaft and the electrical values (currents, voltages). In addition, the system displays the function of brakes (including brake units) and the control unit (inverter circuit or motor drive(s)). The system allows real-time change of languages Polish and French (operator and client languages) and for understandable reasons for international projects - English - all labels are displayed in the selected language.

Измерение and evaluation of energy consumption of Gemini B building Prague - ENBRA a.s
The SCADA система PROMOTIC METERING performs automatic readings and processing of energy meter data in the Gemini B building complex in Prague. Measuring range: 64 счетчики of the KWZ Moeller type, 91 calorimeters of heat, 38 water meters, 1 main cold calorimeter. The system was created as a configurable application - the meter addresses and other necessary parameters are loaded from the configuration file. The system also includes a Web-сервер that allows визуализация of selected data on visualization Web clients.

Визуализация of REZA railway system (4xHUN) - MAV
Signaling and control of electric heating of railway switches in 4 railway stations (MAV - Венгрия) Mezötur, Gyoma, Nagylapos and Zuglo. The operator can determine the status of the individual railway switches in the station (heating / not-heating or malfunction) and at his discretion, it is possible to switch the heating of individual switches manually or to adjust the settings of automatic heating.

CODIS визуализация system for remote diagnostics of technological systems of the Czech railway network - Czech Railway Transport Administration
The CODIS system for remote diagnostics of technological systems of the Czech railway network operated by the Czech Railway Transport Administration company is a very extensive, complex, distributed monitoring system consisting of four pairs of redundant integration servers (2x Brno, 2x Přerov, 2x Ostrava, Prague). There are over 100 railway stations (integration concentrators) connected to these integration servers. The monitoring section consists of over 40 client stations. The application includes more than 450,000 data points.

A-RCMS monitoring system - Army of the Czech Republic
The A-RCMS monitoring system is operated by the Army of the Czech Republic. It is designed as a communication infrastructure мониторинг system. It is designed to поддержка administrators in мониторинг and managing of IT systems.

Complete control and monitoring system ID-6.2 - airports Magnitogorsk (Россия) и Bautzen (Германия)
The comprehensive ID-6.2 airport control and monitoring system was deployed at Magnitogorsk (Россия) and Bautzen (Германия) airports and can be deployed at all types of airports from the smallest to the largest, from I. to III. category and heliports. It can serve as a complex system that provides unified user interface to existing subsystems, or can serve as a control and monitoring system for individual subsystems (light signaling and signaling equipment for take-off, landing and taxiways, radionavigation devices, radiocommunication equipment, power equipment, meteorological devices, fire and security signaling, communication and data infrastructures, и т.д.).

Monitoring of sewerage network - WOZ Goleniów
Creating a website that will make data from the sewerage network available through WWW browsers and using Google maps. Programming and installation of InVentia telemetry modules at individual pumping stations.

Control and monitoring system on a heliport LZZS in Línice
Мониторинг the state of the constant current source powering the light security devices. Мониторинг of the running of the radio, including the operating hours. Мониторинг of local communication infrastructure. The system allows monitoring of the local device from the supervisory center in Prague. The application is running as Windows service. Access to screens is via a Web client independently on the client operating system.

Complete control and monitoring system ID-6.2 - airport Kutaisi - Georgia
The airport control and monitoring system is used to control and monitor the lighting security equipment at the airport runway. The air traffic controller enters the landing/take-off and the system automatically turns the lights on to the required luminance automatically, based on meteorological visibility and direction. There are two control stations at the airport, it is possible to pass control between these workplaces in such a way that the control can only be done from one point at a given moment. The system also performs its diagnosis - communication routes are monitored. All system interventions and malfunctions are archived.

Complete control and monitoring system ID-6.2 - airport Batumi - Georgia
The airport control and monitoring system is used to control and monitor the lighting security equipment at the airport runway. The air traffic controller enters the landing/take-off and the system automatically turns the lights on to the required luminance automatically, based on meteorological visibility and direction. There are two control stations at the airport, it is possible to pass control between these workplaces in such a way that the control can only be done from one point at a given moment. The system also performs its diagnosis - communication routes are monitored. All system interventions and malfunctions are archived.

Traffic central control system in Považská Bystrica - ACP AuCOMP, spol. s r.o.
Using CRS PROMOTIC and the application of intelligent detection systems in Považská Bystrica (Словакия) on the I/61 road significantly improved traffic fluency and safety at the crossing point of the critical junction. The system evaluates traffic density from individual directions with cameras, and в случае a problem (traffic jam), the control system solves the situation by changing the timing of the CSS (road lights) in order to prefer the problematic direction or redirect traffic to the detour routes by means of variable traffic signs.

Визуализация of the sediment processing in biogas plant Rakovník - KK-Technology a.s.
The system carries out continuous мониторинг of the biogas station focusing on the sludge management, boiler room and gas engine room. The application communicates with 2x PLC SAIA PCD2 through Merz OPC server.

Municipal waste water treatment plant - Rybytví
waste water treatment plant -
I. phase – reactors, sludge management plant, homogenization pits, KGJ engine room
II. phase – separation of waste (intake bath, separator), waste hygienization (2x pasteurization tank)

Municipal waste water treatment plant - Benešov
Pretreatment, activation line, sludge management, gas management, boiler room, KGJ

Municipal waste water treatment plant - Velký Luh
waste water treatment plant - pretreatment, activation line, sludge tank

Dispatching centre of valley under Ostrý
Dispatching centre for 11 treatment plants
Data transmissions to the centre via VPN network
Control system Zelio+ethernet
INSYS modems
INSYS router (VPN сервер) in the dispatching centre


Warehouse automated manipulator control system - Olpran Olomouc
The company Olpran Olomouc operates a stock picker system that performs storing or removing of goods, manipulating with a mobile rack tray and recording all stored goods in the warehouse. The system gives commands to perform all warehouse operations, controls the movement of the mobile storage stacker, records all warehouse operations performed, scans and evaluates the bar codes of stored goods and performs other necessary operations.


Barcode test system - CTS Czech Republic, spol. s r.o.
The application is running as freeware (without the need to purchase a licence). The application performs bar code reading using a handheld reader via serial link RS232 (COM1). The reading result determines whether the read barcode is the same as the test code and archives each read code and the operator имя that performed the test.

Мониторинг of force (tension) on the manufacturing line - CTS Czech Republic, spol. s r.o.
The application is running as freeware (without the need to purchase a licence). The application performs the force (tension) monitoring on the production line with the KISTLER strain gauge via the Papouch AD4ETH converter.

Мониторинг of salt water aquarium
The home marine aquarium monitoring system is based on the Netbook on which the PROMOTIC application under PmFree (Freeware) is installed. This station serves as an access point for monitoring aquarium status from a Web browser, mobile device, or directly from ОС Windows. The program communicates with the PLC (ABB AC500eCO), which manages the aquarium itself by the Modbus protocol over a local area network.

Acquisition and archiving of data from ultrasound level meters Dinel ULM-53 - Dinel, spol. s r.o.
Level Basic SCADA application is designed as a simple SCADA system for collecting and archiving data from Dinel ULM-53L ultrasonic level meters with remote parameterization. Коммуникация with the level meters is done via serial link RS-485 using the Dinel URC-485 USB / RS485 converter. The коммуникациoнный протокол есть Modbus RTU.

School projects

Monitoring and control system of experimental gasifying device - Technical University in Košice (Словакия)
The application for мониторинг и управление of the coal gasification process were developed as part of a research project at the Technical University in Košice. The application monitors process variables such as pressures and flow rates of oxidants, coal temperatures, gas concentrations, и т.д. From the monitoring system, the operator can control and adjust the stabilization and optimization регуляторы.

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