Vizualization of REZA railway system (4xHUN) - MAV

Application for displaying operation and error states of the REZA system (EOV module)

Технические средства: PC, ОС Windows XP
управляющая станция: REZA (modul EOV)
Дата ввода в эксплуатацию: 2009
Application designer/company название: OHL ŽS a.s.
Monhitoring and control of electrical heating of railroad switches in stations (MAV) Mezötur, Gyoma, Nagylapos Zuglo. The operators can see the status of each switch (heating on/off, heating failure), and can turn the heating on/off manually as needed, or modify the settings of the automatic heating. Remote electricity consumption reading is included in the application. The vizualization runs in Hungarian language and can be switched to czech for servicing purposes.
- Budapešť Zuglo
- Mezötur
- Nagylapos
- Gyoma
- Vizualization of REZA railway system (4xHUN) - MAV
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